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Highlands Ranch High School - Mr. Sedivy
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Colorado History

- Colorado History -
Colorado Geography Ativities / Worksheets

Spanish Place Names in Colorado

The Spanish influence in Colorado history has been considerable. The large number of Spanish place names gives evidence of this influence, especially in the southern part of the state. Follow the clues to locate the Spanish named towns and cities whose names will complete this puzzle. The letters needed to spell each name come before the clue but need to be rearranged to spell the name correctly.

1. lab can ________________ East of Alamosa, its name means white in Spanish.

2. rag and a ________________ Between Holly and Lamar it means end of the road.

3. is a lad ________________ West of Canon City and south of Leadville, it means outlet in Spanish.

4. mac son ________________ East of Cortez, its name means one-handed.

5. vet ala ________________ Southeast of Walsenburg, it is Spanish for the vein.

6. jut alan ________________ Southeast of Rocky Ford, its Spanish meaning is the junction.

7. as a loam ________________ Southwest of Great Sand Dunes National Monument, it means cottonwood.

8. rode sol ________________ Northeast of Cortez its Spanish name means Our Lady of Sorrows.

9. red let on ________________ Northwest of Monte Vista, it means from the north.

10. no oat tin ________________ South of Alamosa, its Spanish meaning is little Anthony.

11. sun sail ________________ South of Blanca is the town honoring Saint Louis.

12. move as tint ________________ Southeast of Del Norte is mountain view.

13. ranch tier ________________ Southeast of Trinidad is the town whose Spanish name means trenches.

14. rib ara ________________ East of Limon is this town whose names in Spanish is over.

15. bat solo ________________ East of Antonito, its name means little wolves.

16. cell boa ________________ West of Gunnison, its name in Spanish translates as onion.

17. bye oro ________________ Southeast of limon is this town named bull pen.

18. noz man ala ________________ East of Fowler is red apple in Spanish.

19. cam so ________________ North of Alamosa is the town named fly in the Spanish language.

Spanish Influence

Select a name from the group given to match each set of clues. Each name in the list is used to fill only one blank.


El Moro

La Jara
La Plata
San Acacio

1. _________________ Meaning tress in Spanish, it is southwest of Pagosa Springs.

2. _________________ Fruit in Spanish is northwest of Grand Junction.

3. _________________ Of the water in Spanish is south of Aguilar.

4. _________________ Meaning field in Spanish, this town is south of Springfield.

5. _________________ Spanish for rabbits is north of Antonito.

6. _________________ Meaning rivulet, it is southwest of Limon.

7. _________________ Little valley is northeast of Durango.

8. _________________ Saint Acacius is west of San Luis.

9. _________________ Silver is northwest of Durango.

10. ________________ Spanish for sand, this town is west of Cheyenne Wells.

11. ________________ Prosperity is north of Saguache.

12. ________________ Spanish for little girl, it is southeast of San Luis.

13. ________________ Willow brush is south of Alamosa.

14. ________________ The Moor is Spanish, it is northeast of Trinidad.

15. ________________ Spoon in Spanish, it is southwest of Walsenburg.

16. ________________ Star in Spanish is found south of Alamosa.

17. ________________ Unruly in Spanish, this town is east of Montrose.

18. ________________ Rock in Spanish is west of Pagosa Springs.

19. ________________ Spanish for small hills is located northwest of Fruita.

20. ________________ Little nature is northwest of Telluride.

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